L-carnitine Coffee for Weight Loss,1 Box(7 Packs Total)
Tax included. Ingredients Instant Coffee, L-carnitine, garcinia cambogia extract, guarana extract, ginseng extract, ganoderma extract, lotus leaf extract, psyllium seed. Net content (specification): 70g(7*10g) Shelf Life: 18 monthsOrigin: China(Origin)Type: Instant Coffee Description New & Improved L-carnitine Weight Loss Coffee combines...
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Green Coffee for Weight Loss,1 Box(20 Packs Total)
Tax included. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. NO MINIMUM PURCHASE   Ingredients Green coffee extract,Instant Coffee, L-carnitine, green tea extract,garcinia cambogia extract, guarana extract, ginseng extract, coctus plant extract, lotus leaf extract, senna leaf extract Net content (specification): 200g(20*10g) Shelf...
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10pcs Chinese Medicine Slimming Diets Patch Patch Pads
  Usage Directions:Apply one patch each 48 hours to the following recommended areas: arm,abdomen,shoulder,back or hip.Do not apply more than one patch per day.The area where you apply the patch should be clean and dryFeatures:100% brand new and high quality.Proven...
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Slim Tea Flat Tummy Detox 28day Tea
Raw materials and ingredients: Oolong tea, lemongrass, yerba mate, ginger, fennel seeds, dandelionClarity: 99 (%)Net content (specification): 84 (g)Shelf life: more than 12 months (months)Storage method: cool and dryPacking specification: 3G*28 bagsFeatures: flat belly
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18 Teabags Slim Green Coffee Ganoderma Control
Healthy Benefits:1.Green coffee includes richful 100% herbs,such as green beans,ganoderma mushroom ginseng extract that promote anti-fatigue,improved immunity metabolism etc to achieve great health 2.Lotus leaf extract,Garcinia cambogia extract and L-Carnitine can control the hunger hormone to suppress appetite reduce calorie...
$79.80 $39.90
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